Q & A


Q & A

If you feel the shipping may cost less because the contents are lightweight. Contact me directly so I can calculate and ship from my local post office. 
  • Why is shipping so expensive?

Canada has a very limited amount of shipping couriers and prices.

 I am currently using both Canada Post and Stallion Express to help keep the shipping costs low as possible. 


  • Are the products locally / sustainably sourced?

All glass is locally sourced and given a second life. 

Driftwood is also locally and sustainably sourced. Pieces are found from northern Ontario.


  • What is a Propagation station?

The definition of propagation is to root a cutting of a plant, to make a whole new plant from another. 

Propagation stations usually consists of rooting the cuttings in water, peat moss, perlite and of course, soil.


  • How is everything priced 
I am currently buying all materials locally, not by wholesale. i am doing research to get in touch with wholesalers for better pricing which will then make the pricing lower.

Also, everything is handmade, time is spent creating and coming up with new ideas. Along with looking for great pieces outside of the workspace.


Any other questions and / or concerns please email me at sarahsstrut@gmail.com